San Giovanni di Livenza
San Giovanni di Livenza
+39 0434 76010 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Strada Ponte Francenigo 22/A
San Giovanni di Livenza
San Giovanni di Livenza
+39 0434 76010 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Strada Ponte Francenigo 22/A
Compliance with the Rules
ISO 9001:2015
since 1969
Our Expertise
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Quality Policy

Totally Made in Italy Products

High Quality Standard Products

Great Accuracy

Strict quality controls


Accurate delivery within the scheduled time frame

Great Flexibility

We provide our customers a dynamic project management also through alterations during the fitting stage


We boast a long-term experienced staff thus ensuring our customers a high quality service


Mazzon Srl stands out among the companies operating in the metal joinery area for its great reliability

Our Artworks

We master the metal joinery working area so that precision and quality of the end-product become not only our key words but also our flagship

Market Sectors

Management & industrial Area

We operate within the manufacturing area of a wide range of types and sizes of industrial warehouses, plugging and systems for structural facades

Civili & Residential Area

We produce metal constructions for civil buildings with one or more floors

Public Works

Our company owns specific certifications that enable us to operate within manufacturing cycles up to EUR 3.5 million

Different Types of Infrastructures

We operate within the manufacturing cycles of pedestrian or cycle bridges and gangways

Our History

Mazzon srl history has its roots deep in time: in 1969 Giovanni and Carlo, the Mazzon brothers, undertook their activity in a small workshop by manufacturing aluminium windows and doors; thanks to their great expertise, they managed to turn this family business in an actual industrial company operating within the metal joinery area.

The decade between the ‘70s and ‘80s marks the beginning of a new era: the local economic fabric expands, the first furniture factories are created and the housing construction starts to take root. That is when the first textile mills are created on a surface of tens of thousands square meters. The late 1990’s represented the start of a positive development towards the public works together with the expansion of the geographic area in which our company operates: this is when we began to produce our first sport facilities’ and schools’ roofing, bridges and gangways.

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Trust in our experience and reliability! Contact us if you need help within the planning stage of your civil or industrial project: our competent and talented staff will guide you from the choice of materials to the planning and concrete realization of the artwork you need.

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